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Alibaby & The Thieves

Alibaby & the Thieves is twist of the famous childhood folklore: Alibaba and the Forty Thieves. Inspired by the mysterious Arabian legend, our production,  this oft-told tale is so refreshingly illustrated […]

A brief review on Alibaba Holiday Camp 2015

Before we kick start of this year’s children theatre production Alibaby and the Thieves, let’s briefly review our relevant holiday camp last year. Kids were having so much fun in […]

2015 Open House

It was a great success for the Holiday Camp Open House held on 22nd of November at our centre. Quite a number of crowd came over for the three-hour activities. […]

2015 Holiday Camp

The Alibaba Adventure (voice, acting, dance) Holiday Camp ——provided by Spring Hope Arts Studio     *SPECIAL GIFT COMBO-exclusively for you! “Standard head-shot” + “Memory DVD“ all for FREE! (produced by professional […]

The Ugly Duckling

How does the ugly duckling feel for his ugliness? Sad? Angry? Self-conscious? Jealous? How can he stay firm and grow strong? What are the difficulties lie ahead? Will he finally […]

艺满狮城 – 2014年新加坡国际少儿艺术节

以“和平•友谊•未来”为永恒主题,增进各国彼此间的友谊,开阔儿童视野 及提高青少年的艺术才能,创造“关注未来、发展友谊、维护和平”的良好 平台。特此举办国际少儿艺术节,为各国青少年提供广泛交流的机会,通过 同台竞技演出、互动交流,力求让更多的青少年领略艺术的魅力,不分国界, 不分种族,共结友谊之花,共享世界艺术之梦!

The Adventures on the Island of Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease

Spring Hope Arts Studio is proud to present a presentation of drama with Fire Theatre from the 28th Aug 2013 to 30th Aug. It will be held at Kreta Ayer […]