2015 Holiday Camp

The Alibaba Adventure (voice, acting, dance) Holiday Camp

——provided by Spring Hope Arts Studio




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Join us at Aliwal Arts Centre this late November and start your mysterious adventure with Alibaba! Discover the only path that leads to the ultimate destination! A 5-day unique experience in Spring Hope Arts Studio is now recruiting for young adventurers!


Highlights for our special program:


The workshop challenges the children to adapt themselves into ensemble and individual work. Children will get the chance to further explore the exotic elements and enhance the knowledge from character building, learn to utilize voice for creating ambiance sound and discover the exotic Middle East element.

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【Outline & Feature】:

“The Adventures of Alibaba and the Forty Thieves” presents a holiday camp revolving around this folk tale. Campers can expect exciting highlights like Bilingual Drama Workshop, Middle East Dance Combo, Handicrafts Prop Ensemble and Sing Sing Sing Alive , all following the theme of the Middle Eastern tale. Spread out into four weeks for all age groups as long as you are above 4 years old. We ensure your child will feel comfortable expressing and further discovering his/her potential.

Children will engage in interactive discussions and acting exercises as they:


  • Learn the building blocks of basic theater, performance and storytelling techniques.
  • Use scene study as a vehicle for introducing and building character.
  • Practice improvisational skills and learn how to maintain professionalism on stage.
  • Learning how to think and act spontaneously and assertively, no matter what the situation, is an ability that will serve any children well.


Children will engage in fun and fitness dance workshop as they:


  • Understand the Middle East dance culture and history
  • Develop aesthetic view of exotic dance form
  • Learn and practice the dance steps and develop sense of rhythm for music


Children will engage in creative and lively singing workshop as they:


  • Understand the Middle East style rhythm and melody
  • Improve the knowledge of music
  • Learn and practice the song and perform


Children will engage in fun and excited handicraft workshop as they:


  • Get to participate in the production
  • Develop creativity and expand imagination
  • Understand the process of props making
  • Get the hands on experience



【Date & Time】:

  • 23-11.27/11.30-12.04/12.07-12.11/12.13-12.18
  • Monday to Friday (5-day camp)
  • 10 am – 4 pm (Tea break and Lunch are inclusive) 



S$530/pax, tea break and lunch are inclusive!

Registration closes on November 6th!