About Spring Hope Arts Studio

Spring is the season full of sunshine and hope. Students are like the shoots of spring, growing up under the care of sunshine. Learn the skills from the basics and achieve life-long benefits. Hope is the symbol of passion and beauty. At Spring Hope, teachers are like gardeners, sowing the seeds and nurturing each student to their fullest potential.

Spring Hope Arts Studio is a very well established arts studio with thousands of students (age ranging from 3 to 12 years old) in Singapore.  For the past few years we have continuously collaborated with local pre-school organizations such as NTUC-My First Skool, Little Skool House, PAP-Little Wings, Newton Kindergarten, Hope Kindergarten, Pat’s School House, NAFA School of Young Talents etc..

Other than providing arts courses for teachers and students, Spring Hope Arts Studio also provides various kinds of arts services.

We ensure our programmes are of high quality through letting it be designed and delivered by a strong and dynamic team of experienced local and foreign professional trainers and practitioners.