Bilingual Drama


Programme Title: Bilingual Drama Lower Level
Art form: Theatre
Target Audience: Above K1 – Primary School
Venue required: Studio with mirrors and chairs
Duration of each session:
  • Level 1: 1 hour
  • Level 2 & 3: 1.5 hour
Age Group:
  • Level 1: 4-6
  • Level 2: 7-10
  • Level 3: 11 and above
Material/ Equipment needed: Media player and sound equipment
Student: Instructor Ratio 8-10 students to 1 instructor

Learning Objectives:

  • Get an opportunity to mime different movements, role-play and dramatize well-loved fairytales to act out short skits;
  • To build up their confidence to effectively express themselves in public in both languages;
  • To develop their delivery ability in body and sounds;
  • To establish their appreciation towards beauty through creative theatre activities;

Program Outline:

Focusing on developing English and Mandarin learning abilities and fostering self-confidence and clarity of speech in children, while promoting free expressions of their imagination and creativity. Children will learn a variety of speech and drama skills through fun, creative and engaging activities.


Dramatization – Children perform a play or story which includes dialogue, role-play and characterization in both languages.

Mime & Movement – Children act using only gesture and bodily movement, they have to express themselves solely by using their body.

Role-play – Children assume a person or character’s role and mannerisms.

Public Speaking – Children stand in front of an audience to speak on any topic formally or informally, this includes expressing personal opinions individually, regardless of whether the child stands in front of the class or not.

Rhyme/Poetry Recitation – Children speak or chant a verse individually or in groups in both languages.

Reading Aloud – Children present a poem or narrative piece in front of an audience in both languages. This performance teaches children to read a text and incorporate vocal and facial expressions.

The benefits of inviting students to work in this program are numerous and far-reaching. Bilingual Drama can help students:

  • Further develop brain and enhance language cognition ability;
  • Physical development/kinesthetic skills;
  • Artistic development /drama and theater skills;
  • Mental development/thinking skills;
  • Personal development/intra-personal skills;
  • Social development/interpersonal skills;

Time Table

Day Time Level
3.30pm-4.30pm 1
4.30pm-6pm 2&3
Saturday 10.30am-11.30am 1

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