Programme Title: Girls’ KPOP High Heel Dance
Art form: Dance
Target Audience: Teenager and Adult
Venue required: Dance studio with mirrors and stretching bars
Duration of each session:
  • 1.5 hour
Age Group:
  • Level 1: Teenager
  • Level 2: Adult
Material/ Equipment needed: Media player and sound equipment
Student: Instructor Ratio 6-8 students to 1 instructor

Learning Objectives:

  • Equip individuals with the knowledge of K-Pop dance.
  • Serve as a platform for their growing interest in Hip Hop Dance.
  • Expose individual to different types of hip hop dance in a fun environment.
  • Develop and find individual styles and characterization in dance.
  • Identify and demonstrate dance terminology, such as names of steps;
  • Perform dance to a song that is learned through the session.

Program Outline:

K-pop is short for Korean pop. It is a musical generation which is up and coming in the recent times in South Korea. The trend is spreading across other parts of the world like South America, Northeast India, Mexico and Turkey. However, this was not the case in the 90’s, where hardly anyone was aware of this dance style. Today, the music and dance industry in Korea is emerging and young talent is now presenting the polished and creative acts in front of the world. A totally new dance and music era has begun.

Our KPOP class aims at helping people regardless of age differences experience and benefit from this type of dance.


Our KPOP class will focus more on developing sense of timing, rhythm and encourage people to further explore themselves. Our professional coaching team will provide you below opportunities:

  • People from all backgrounds are welcomed
  • 100% Pure dance coaching and standardized teaching method
  • Opportunities for competitions and performances
  • Bilingual class, can be taught in both Mandarin or English


Time Table

Day Time Level
Tuesday & Wednesday 7.30pm-9pm 1/2

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